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South Central Buchanan County Fire Department

Buchanan County Missouri is located in northwest Missouri along the Missouri River and bordering Doniphan County Kansas. Buchanan County statistics include: 410 square miles of land mass, 2003 population of 84,909, 2.42 persons per household, est. 36,836 households, median value per household $72,700 and a 2000 population of 85,998. Within Buchanan County rests the class A county of St. Joseph. St. Joseph rests primarily in the northwest corner of Buchanan County with the following statistical data: 45.045 square miles of land mass and a 2000 census population of 73,990.

Buchanan County is serviced by nine (9) fire departments including: Dearborn, all volunteer, one station; DeKalb, all volunteer, one station; Easton, all volunteer, one station; Edgerton-Trimble, all volunteer, one station; Gower, all volunteer, one station; San Antonio, all volunteer, one station; South Central Buchanan, all volunteer, two stations; St. Joseph, all paid, nine stations; and Southwest Buchanan County, all volunteer, one station. The departments of Dearborn, Gower and Edgerton-Trimble are not housed in Buchanan County, but have jurisdictional area within the county. Six of the rural fire departments are paged and dispatched by the St. Joseph Communications Center. This center also has dispatching responsibilities for St. Joseph Police Department, St. Joseph Fire Department and the Buchanan County Sheriff Department.

The South Central Buchanan County Fire Protection District (SCBC) has primary response coverage responsibility for nearly a third of Buchanan County, Missouri. Eight (8) rural fire protection districts and the City of St. Joseph, Missouri border our department. We are active participants in the Buchanan County Local Emergency Planning Committee. Many of our department members are key members of the Northwest Missouri Hazmat Emergency Response Team (NWMHERT). Local fire departments in 15 counties in Northwest Missouri are dependent on it for support, including our own.

The South Central Buchanan County Fire Department services approximately 80 square miles of Buchanan County which includes the incorporated township of Agency and the unincorporated town of Faucett. Total number of households is estimated at 2700 with a population of approximately 9800. The Mid-Buchanan School District has a campus within the District’s boundaries which houses a student population of 690 to 750 students when school is in session. The SCBC Department protects the critical infrastructures of ten (10) miles of Interstate 29 and approximately 8 miles of underground natural gas and crude oil pipeline.

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South Central Buchanan County Fire Department